Fadetel S.A. is an integrative company with 24 years of experience in successfull planning, management and implementation of telecommunication projects, for customers whose main need is the high availability of their networks.

Telecommunications is, without a doubt, the number one in development along with the technological revolution of the late Twentieth century and the beginning of the Twenty first century. Nowadays, there is not a single activity performed by mankind, which is not determined by the presence of communications processes. Thanks to this fact, we have reliable and timely information today, even in the most remote places in the planet. Rural and urban zones issues, private and public affairs, work and family life, they all depend on communications.

In Colombia and basically during the last two decades, telecommunications has undergone great changes that make it into one of the most dynamic fields of the nation economic growth and development. In this period, telecommunications has witnessed the evolution of one of the engineering national companies with the most –up- to -date, experience and reliable features in technological support for telecommunication enterprises: FADETEL S.A., a company specialized in the design, supply, deployment and optimization of telecommunications solutions.